Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You've Just Had a Dose of Electroshock Therapy

The Last Word on Nothing asks the question:
Have you ever wanted to take a vacation from your own head?
You could do it easily enough with liberal applications of alcohol, weed or hallucinogens, but that’s not the kind of vacation I’m talking about. What if you could take a very specific vacation only from the stuff that makes it painful to be you: the sneering inner monologue that insists you’re not capable enough or smart enough or pretty enough or whatever hideous narrative rides you. Now that would be a vacation. You’d still be you, but you’d be able to navigate the world without the emotional baggage that now drags on your every decision. Can you imagine what that would feel like?
The answer, of course, invovles coursing electricity through your brain. A great read.

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