Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Much Trouble in the World

Two disturbing things I read on Boing Boing this morning:
  1. The story of Dr. Jen Gunter who receives a patient who has undergone an unsafe abortion, and is bleeding to death. As the Boing Boing folks put it: "Required reading in this year of presidential elections in America, in which so many candidates would have us return to the dark era in which abortion was illegal. Outlawing abortion doesn't end abortion, it just makes scenes like this more common."
  2. What China is doing in Tibet is just wrong. "The Guardian's Asia correspondent Jonathan Watts sneaks into Aba, a remote town on the Tibetan plateau, and captures this video report of how Chinese authorities are trying to stamp out dissent among ethnic Tibetans through military security, propaganda and forced 're-education.'"

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