Friday, February 17, 2012

Bizarre Animals

Nature is endlessly fascinating. Just when you think you've seen it all, you read about some completely bizarre corner of the natural kingdom that blows your mind. Take these two examples:

1. Tiny Madagascar chameleons. Seriously small - about the size of a match head. You've got to click through for the pictures.

2. The Screaming Budgett's Frog. From Andrew Isles:
"In overall appearance it resembles the turd that a herbivorous mammal has left on the side of a muddy pool - good protection perhaps from frog-eating predators. The species gets its name from its threat display. If its turd-like disguise fails it, it rises up on its toes, inflates its body and screams loudly, mouth agape, like a woman in distress. Budgett's frogs have some other unpleasant habits too. They bite whenever they can and are generally unclean creatures, which leaves them susceptible to infections and sores when held in captivity. They are also cannibals."
Got any other good examples for me?

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