Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TSA: How Large?

I'll admit it: the uselessly bizarre way in which the TSA uses its power scares me. Boing Boing points to an aptly-named article called "TSA: Fail" that points out some of the agency's more egregious flaws. Money quote:
"...the virtual strip search screening machines are a failure in that they cannot detect the type of explosives used by the “underwear bomber” or even a pistol used as a TSA’s own real-world test of the machines. Yet TSA has spent approximately $60 billion since 2002 and now has over 65,000 employees, more than the Department of State, more than the Department of Energy, more than the Department of Labor, more than the Department of Education, more than the Department of Housing and Urban Development---combined. TSA has become, according to the report, “an enormous, inflexible and distracted bureaucracy more concerned with……consolidating power."
I had no idea it was that large. God help us.

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