Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where are the Beefcake Comix

As much as I like comics, since I've gotten older and become more "mature," I've become more and more uncomfortable with the blatent sexism in most of the mainstream comix, mainly superhero fare from the big two of Marvel and DC. Now, I haven't seen the issue in question, but a recent issue of Justice League had Wonder Woman in a hypersexualized pose on the cover, and Alyssa Rosenberg points us to a series of pictures that shows how absurd it would be if all superheros were depicted in this manner. (Think Batman without pants.)

The great think about this article is Rosenberg's analysis: not content to point out sexism, she also makes the good point that there just aren't the opportunities to be sexist about men, to wit, these pictures "... don’t communicate to men what it’s like to see another man held up as an object of pure sexual desire for women’s consumption."

The whole article is good. Give it a read!

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