Tuesday, August 30, 2011

in my dreams when i am other men

in my dreams when i am other men
(i just can’t be held back by this small life)
i run shirtless with the sun on my back
across the field, down the hill and to the beach
salt water in my mouth and the wind in my hair
man, i’m full of fun clichés
other times i’m in tense claustrophobic situations
joking black humor with old-time black-ops colleagues
exercising hard-won skills at all hours of the night
then i’m watching a desert sunrise from a hot air balloon
a friendly stranger’s arm around me several thousand feet up
gliding silently in between mountain ranges
tough bumpy landing in the middle of nowhere, but it’s allright
‘cause the chase car’s coming with tequila to warm the blood
and we cook huevos rancheros over the campfire
watching the day unfold naturally
which is nice and all, but it doesn’t last and
I find my tattooed arms pounding out bonham fills to an ecstatic crowd
anger is an energy, dontya know
wiping down after the show, smirking at backstage starlets
my every whim their command
which is fun for a while, no doubt
but sometimes i just gotta hop on my bike and get riding
meditating on that ol’ white line for hours and hours
heading up to the green hills, man
with different small towns tucked into every valley
unique taverns where nobody knows my name
(oh, but they want to)
snow softly beating against single paned glass as
two lonely souls slow dance in the steamy heat next to the jukebox
man, i’d love to stay but
i’ve got miles to go before I sleep
if i sleep
the next day i’m at a county carnival
with sheep and goats and crafts and crowds
a boy on my shoulders screaming for more
eating french fries as we walk through the crowd
silly high-pitched laughter filling the air
it seems like all i’ve ever wanted but
i don't end up staying for long
'cause now i’m a young executive (really?)
effortlessly tying Windsor knots and wearing hundred dollar shoes
leading all day focus groups on initiative alignment
patent leather briefcases on walnut boardroom desks
i’ve got top-of-the-line this and best-in-class that
yea, everyone loves the smell of money
fish plates and single malts before hitting the town
but i'm just warming up
'cause you know i know the best after-hour parties
clothing optional in foggy clubs with deep house beats
spending my weekends away in mansions named after patrons
with pools and tennis and endless high end booze...
flirting with debutantes in pearls and pencil skirts
french kissing in an empty wing of the house
i can do this all night (and often do)
it's all in my head (isn't it?)
thoughts and fantasies buried away...
you don't know what i'm really like
'cause i'm living new lives every single night
in my dreams, i'm other men

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Joel said...

I really like how this poem turned out, start to finish.