Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Signs

I've lived in Boston's Metrowest area for seven years now (!) and, as such, spend an inordinate amount of time on Route 9.

So you'd think that i'd have seen it all, but yesterday as I was - surprise! - stuck in traffic, I looked over and noticed a small sign in the median announcing that I was on the "Ted Williams Highway."

Wikipedia tells me that "In Framingham, Route 9 is officially the "Ted Williams Highway", named after the Red Sox sports legend Ted Williams, who sported that number."

Massachusetts specializes in random signs like this. When I was living in Brighton, every other intersection was a "square" named after some random person. What's your favorite example of a random sign?


Joel said...

There's a small intersection near Central Square in Cambridge. The sign identifies it as --Sgt. Joseph "Bunny" Smith Square--.

Was he a Cambridge cop, killed in the line of duty? A local boy, sent off to war?

In any case... did everyone really call him "Bunny"?

Anonymous said...

He a great jazz drummer. He played drums in Alaska for the USO during World War II.

Sabrina Smith said...

He was my uncle. His given name was Joseph Smith. He was a very talented musician and a war vet. Thank you Anonymous

Unknown said...

I knew him as “Bunny” and met him through his blues/jazz gigs at 1369, a former jazz club in Inman Square. He always had a smile and a funny story to share. His standard was “Caledonia”, and the crowd sang the refrains with him🎼🎉