Friday, May 14, 2010


Over the last few days, it's been a joy to watch the Celtics dismantle the Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs.

I had given up on the Celtics this year. They looked old, slow, and disinterested. Rasheed Wallace - the subject of an incredible, and accurate, Bill Simmons takedown - was a bum, and Kevin Garnett looked like his injuries had spelled the end of his all-star career.

Nothing about the playoffs had shown me that the Celtics had changed anything, other then the fact that they were able to ratchet up the intensity level when need be. While the first two games of the Cavaliers series were much closer then I expected, with the Cs pulling out a victory in game two, I wrote them off again after the Cavs demolished them at home in game three.

Then came game five. Wow. This was team basketball at its best, Pierce and Rondo driving, Garnett and Allen hitting open jumpers, and excellent team defense. I've never seen a team break quite in front of me the way I did the Cavs in this game. I mean, the Lakers in Game 6 of the finals in '08 were beaten, but not broken.

Last night's game was more of the same. The way the Cavs didn't even try in the final few minutes told the entire story. The Celtics issued a beat-down and in the process raised serious question marks about Lebron James, questions that never existed before this week. Wow.

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