Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Moments in Early Developmental Milestones

Kelly had a great experience with Trey yesterday in their first Mommy and Baby Yoga class. Everyone was doing tummy time with the kids, and the teacher observed that Trey was listing his head to the side a bit like he wanted to flip over, stating that under two months was a bit too early for kids to flip over on purpose. As soon as she said this, Trey flipped over. Everyone laughed and Kelly put Trey back on his tummy.
And then he flipped over again. Everyone laughed and cheered this time.
Kelly put Trey on his tummy again, and he flipped over again, this time onto his other side.
This feat is rather early for a baby. Kelly and I suspect that Trey’s been watching too much of the Olympics with us.

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