Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dada Quotes

Two quotes from Hugo Ball’s diaries.

“In their childhood, men envision such a clear ideal of themselves and their world that experience is bound to let them down later. They find out unexpectedly, and the shock of it is usually so great that they never lose a certain sensitivity about it. Someone who has the power to enhance man’s store of dreams can become a savior. the wounds that men die of lie in the area between dream and experience. That is where the graves lie from which they are raised.”
- From Flight Out of Time

"The dadaist fights against the agony and the death throes of this age. Averse to all clever reticense, he cultivates the curiosity of one who feels joy even at the most questionable forms of rebellion. he knows that the world of Systems has fallen apart, and that this age with its insistence on cash payment has opened a jumble sale of godless philosophies. When fear and a bad concience begin for the shopkeeper, hearty laughter and gentle encouragement begin for the dadiast. "
- From Dada Fragments

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