Monday, May 16, 2011

Dune in the Adirondacks

I'm addicted to reading. I typically need to read at least a few pages of something before I can fall asleep. So it was with great dismay when I went to go asleep last Friday at a cabin in the Adirondacks and realized I neglected to bring along any fiction. Yikes! Luckily, someone had left behind an old paperback copy of Frank Hebert's Dune.

This may be the SciFi nerd in me talking, but this novel is quite simply excellent. I picked it up and started reading at random and was again transported to the desert planet that's the centerpiece of the immense struggles depicted in the book. The book immerses you in a complete world world, consisting of a riveting political situation, fascinating backstory, an uncommonly large number of complete characters, and SciFi and Fantasy elements that stand the test of time.

I highly recommend Dune for those of you looking for a diverting entertaining read (I hesitate to say "beach book") - just avoid the David Lynch movie (and I can't speak to the subsequent Dune saga). It sure saved me last weekend, and now i'm going to have to read the entire book again!


Joel said...

this would be a good post on a certain blog that has to do with reading . . . ;)

gibsonmeigs said...

You're right! I need to remember to do that cross posting...