Wednesday, March 31, 2010

File Under Dumb

For the last few years, the Buffalo Bills have lost huge numbers of players to injury. Not being one to believe in curses, I suspected that the problem had something to do with how the players were being conditioned. And sure enough, as The Buffalo News' Bob DiCesare reports, that was indeed the case:
From what the players are saying, offseason workouts under [Dick] Jauron were akin to pulling up a stool in a sports bar. Twelve televisions adorned the walls in the fieldhouse training facility. Individuals were entrusted to perform their lifting and stretching but there was no real sense of accountability, no singleness of purpose. Some of the injuries that ravaged the Bills last season might be blamed on bad luck, but the extent of the decimation suggests a deficiency in offseason preparation.

If you're investing millions of dollars in a bunch of football players, wouldn't you want to ensure that they were in the best shape they could be in? It's amazing that this wasn't emphasized before.

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