Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost is a bit... well, Lost

Last night's episode of Lost was everything that I don't expect from the show: predictable, sappy, and boring. Once we figured when in time the characters were, there was no more suspense because the newer characters (the Mad Scientist, the Asian ghost hunter, the new Dharma project people) aren't as well developed as the older characters. The show is so plot driven now, they're not taking the time to really make the new characters individual. Plus, it was so blatantly obvious not only that Sawyer wouldn't learn how to button up his shirt in three years but also that Juliette - in a break from her character - would fall for him, just as it was that Sawyer had never really had gotten over Kate. The last minute of the show as he stared at Kate was just simply cheezy as hell. Ugh. Give me a Ben-backstabbing episode any day - the Sawyer/Kate/Jack plot lines are just boring!

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