Friday, September 20, 2013

First Lines of Pynchon's "Bleeding Edge"

"It's the first day of spring 2001, and Maxine Tarnow, through some still have her in their system as Loeffler, is walking her boys to school. Maybe they're past the age where they need an escort, maybe Maxine doesn't want to let go just yet. It's only a couple blocks, it's on her way to work, she enjoys it, so?"

- Thomas Pynchon, first lines of Bleeding Edge.

I have a tradition that started with Mason & Dixon where I go to my favorite independent bookstore and pick up the latest Pynchon joint the day that it drops. So while I've had the book since Tuesday, life has conspired to limit me to only about 35 pages so far. So far, it's somewhat similar to Inherent Vice in that they're both about private detectives and are chock full of TRP's trademark long sentences, humor, and worldview. What's very different is the vibe - this is a very New York novel, filled with attitude and unfamiliar (to me) Jewish terms. But there is a Zima reference - what more can you ask for?

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