Friday, May 3, 2013

Modern Offense and the Buffalo Bills

As I've gotten older, the amount of time I spend on football has diminished. There’s a number of factors for this – decreased free time due to the kids, ambivalence about the sport due to the increased knowledge of how much damage the participants are doing to themselves, the dire state of the Buffalo Bills – but for  visceral excitement its hard to match watching a good NFL game.

I say this because Joe Buscaglia’s article for WGR 550 is one of the best things I've read about football in a long time. Going beyond a simple reaction to how the Buffalo Bills offense looks after the 2013 draft, he details how he feels a modern offense operates in today’s NFL and how the Bills are matching up. In short, he posits that once you have a good QB (the essential player in the NFL, and why the Bills have been bad for so long), you surround him with skill players in a spread offense, which diminishes the importance of the offensive line (since they no longer need to block for as long). It’s a fascinating read, and one that actually gets me interested in both football and the Bills again. After all, it is the offseason - the best time for a Bills fan, since our hopes have not - yet - been cruelly crushed under the merciless heel of fate.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Buscaglia has to say about the defense!

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