Monday, April 29, 2013

First Lines of Jim Dodge's "Fup"

"Gabriel Santee was seventeen years old and three months pregnant when she married 'Sonic Johnny' Makhurst, a Boeing test pilot and recent heir to a modest Ohio hardware fortune. The ceremony was performed in a crepe-festooned hangar at Moffit Field, witnessed by a score of Sonic Johnny's drunken buddies. The bride and groom exchanged vowsw while standing on the wing of an X-77 jet fighter. Two months before Gabriel came to term, the same wing tore off the plane at 800 miles an hour over teh Mojave Desert with Johnny at the controls."

- Jim Dodge, from Fup.

I read this short (121 small pages) novella in a single sitting and loved it. I've always been a fan of Jim Dodge's "punk zen" stylings, and this fun tale of an anarchist grandfather that brews an insanely strong whiskey called Death Whisper, his fence-building grandson, and an abnormally large and intelligent duck (the eponymous "Fup") is filled with a joy de vivre that's hard to find these days. Actually laughed out loud a few times, which means that this short gem receives the Thought Ambience "Highly Recommended" status.

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