Friday, March 8, 2013

First Lines of Kari Kunzru's "My Revolutions"

"Outside in the garden, workmen from the marquee company are bolting together an aluminum frame on the lawn. They shout to each other and make jokes, theatrically throwing bolts and brackets across the blossom-strewn patch of grass under the three. ... The men seem happy. Maybe because it's because they work in an atmosphere of constant preparty excitement. Perhaps celebration gets inside of them. The secret of the good life: putting up tents."

- Kari Kunzru, My Revolutions.

I'm already hooked. I figured I would like this book after Eric's positive review and how much I liked Gods Without Men, Kunzru's latest novel. But I sat down to read perhaps 10 pages before bed and ripped through 28, forcing myself to put it down due to the hour. Excellent stuff, although I'm not sure how well the first person perspective will pay off. I remember how unlikable some of the characters were in Gods without Men and if the protagonist here ends up like one of them, it might be tough going without the change in perspective that the 3rd person can bring. Still, i'm looking forward to reading more!

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