Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick Review: Prometheus

Let me join the chorus of people proclaiming that Ridley Scott's Prometheus is a hot mess of a movie. In a pithy phrase, it's visually stunning but logically incoherent.

I'm not going to go into details here, but even acknowledging that blockbuster movies make money by displaying stunning images together in the most dramatic way possible, don't you think that you'd want to string together these images in a way that makes sense? After all, it can be done - just look at Christopher Nolan's movies, or even The Avengers. But no, Scott's movie lurches from scene to scene with little to no rhyme nor reason, and features characters whose development consists of lines like "i'm a geologist, okay! I love fucking rocks!" Ugh. If the writers had spent three minutes refining the dialog and characters in this movie, then it might have given the flick the credibility it so desperately needed in support of the big questions it was so obviously trying to address. However, having someone occasionally say something like "Wouldn't you want to meet your maker?" does not make your movie deep.

Another problem is that the effect of the aliens themselves have been weakened by continuted exposure to the Alien franchise. Honestly, nothing's really going to match the first time you see the alien pop out of someone's chest, so why even try? It would have been nice to see a twist on the typical themes, but instead we were fed a warmed-over version of what had come before. Dissapointing.

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