Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading and Podcasting

I love the internet. There are, obviously, many reasons for this, but today i'm loving the internet because of how it augments my reading. So for example, I just finished reading 2312. (Flipping fantastic book, BTW, review coming soon.) My next step was to listen to a few interviews with the author, Kim Stanley Robinson, via podcasts on Geeks Guide to the Galaxy and the Angry Column. I'm not finished listening to them, but listening to KSR pontificate on the ideas in his book is an excellent way to augment the experience of actually reading it. Someday, perhaps, we'll see eBooks with this type of information attached to it, similar to the "directors commentary" on DVDs, but I think i'll always prefer these types of informal discussions. The next best thing to going to an author's reading!

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