Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bio-engineering at a Massive Scale

The Dish points us towards a real-life SciFi proposal from Libya that would
 "...reverse global warming by turning the Sahara into a massive wind and solar farm." It would consist of “dozens of enormous greenhouse-like structures up to 15km in diameter built across the Sahara and Arabian deserts. Each would suck in air, that would be heated and then escape at high speed through large venting towers.
This “conversion of daylight into steady winds” would power rings of wind turbines that would, with the help of a huge global network of electricity connectors, generate enough power to end the world’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels.”
Global engineering at this scale has always fascinated me, but then I’ve always been obsessed with anything that sparks my sense of wonder. Still, while I agree with Andrew’s take that “some kind of massive bio-engineering like this will likely be humankind's ultimate way of grappling with the stress our mass consumerism is placing on the planet,” I’m also confident that our leaders won’t have the willpower to even attempt something at a large enough scale to make a difference until it’s just way too late.

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