Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Rant

The Situation: Bills vs. Raiders, this past Sunday. Buffalo has the ball with ~14 seconds left on the clock, fourth-and-1 from the Oakland 6. Ryan Fitzpatrick goes back to pass and... the network pulls away from the game. To show the Pats/Chargers game. But that game hadn't yet started, so TV viewers on the edge of their seat, watching arguably the most exciting game of the young season, were subjected to 5 minutes of ads before being sent to the pregame - the pregame! - of the local game.

What did we miss? Only a 6 yard pass to David Nelson to put the Bills up three points. Oh, and a Da'Norris Searcy interception in the Bills end zone that ended the game

The NFL: Spending millions of millions of dollars to put out a top-notch product, but making it as hard as possible for the average fan to watch the games that they want to watch.

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